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International Psychic Links

Australian Psychic Expo - Workshops, readings, books, crystals, occult jewellery etc.

Global Psychics - Extensive resource offering readings by world-renowned psychics and insights on prophecies, the new millennium and being psychic.

Whispy - Comprehensive online readings service. "Here you will gain insight into your deeper self, see beyond your ordinary consciousness and find the path you need to take to fulfill your dreams."

Tarot by Jeanne - Tarot readings and spiritual guidance by email. Articles on metaphysics, advice column, true experiences, horoscopes, angels etc. Also compatibility analysis, personal/relationship profiles and love matching. .

Paranormal Australia - "Your link to the other side." Australian website dealing with ghosts, hauntings & the unexplained.

Cherry Sage - "Your Psychic Lens To The Future". US-based clairvoyant offering live psychic readings by telephone.

Carol Cummings - Dream interpretation and astrological counselling.

One Spirit Project - Personal growth and spiritual enlightenment through interaction and discussion. Large psychic / New Age resource directory.

Psychic Lynx - "The Purrrrfect place to locate all things psychic, new age, metaphysical and mystical. We're free, check us out!"

New Age Web Works - Supporting and informing the New Age, pagan, occult and alternative spirituality communities worldwide.

Diarnothe - Psychic, healer and Tarot reader with 20 years' experience. "Success is the journey ... not the destination!"

Spirit Search - Spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal search engine directory for online and offline resources.

Astroportail - Le portail des sites esoteriques. French astrological/psychic portal.

Reality Shifters - "Changing the physical universe with our thoughts and feelings." This website puts forward the view that the physical world changes in response to changes in consciousness.

Paranormal.About.Com - The starting place for exploring paranormal phenomena and the unexplained, from the Guide (formerly the Mining Company).

Godserver - Huge, searchable resource with links to websites covering alternative health, spirituality, paranormal phenomena, astrology, angels, new age music, meditation, yoga.

Psi Explorer Home Page - A multimedia CD-ROM exploring all aspects of psychic phenomena and scientific parapsychology. Also, psychic and paranormal links.

Holistic Spain - An independent directory of holistic resources - including therapists, teachers, training programs, retreats, holistic holiday resorts and so on - covering the whole of Spain.

Psychic Gia - Online psychic readings.

Ask Lynn - Psychic Readings by Mrs. Lynn.

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