Sasha Fenton Sasha Fenton
Internationally acclaimed astrologer, media personality and best-selling author with book sales in excess of 5 million copies. Titles include "Sun Signs", "Moon Signs", "Understanding Astrology" and "Tarot in Action!" Sasha Fenton is co-founder of Zambezi Publishing.
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Russell Grant Russell Grant
Russell Grant has presented numerous TV programmes over the last 25 years, including "Breakfast Time", "People Today", "World of Wonder" and "Postcards from Britain". He remains a popular guest on quiz shows, chat shows and game shows.
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Zak Martin Zak Martin
World-famous psychic acclaimed for his powers of psychic detection and criminal profiling on behalf of police forces throughout the world, and for his predictions of world events. Author of several books, including the worldwide top-selling guide to psychic growth, "How to Develop Your ESP". Personal and creative advisor to famous pop singers, TV personalities and movie stars.
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Rosa Derriviere Rosa Derriviere
Italian-born clairvoyant with more than 10 years experience in the UK and abroad. Currently presenting on Sky TV's "Psychic's Interactive". Varied experience in media and corporate work. Recently featured on C4's "10 Ways to Contact the Dead". Resident psychic on Christian O'Connell's breakfast show on XFM. Tel: 02072290553
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Sally Morgan Sally Morgan
One of Britain's best-known psychics and the star of the hit ITV show Sally Morgan: Star Psychic. She writes weekly columns for OK! Now, Star, and Saturday Express magazines. Her autobiography, My Psychic Life went straight to the UK best-seller list in its first week of its publication.
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Amadai Amadai
Astrologer and clairvoyant with 30 years experience in this field. Writes regular astrology columns. Has written for magazines including Choice, Wedding & Home and others. Recently appeared on Sky's Psychic Interactive TV. Tel: 0163560427
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Matthew Manning Matthew Manning
Healer and author of a number of books, most notably "The Link", which describes poltergeist activity which took place around Manning when he was just 11 years old. Matthew Manning has been the subject of numerous television programmes and newspaper and magazine articles.
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Gayna Gayna
Astrologer, clairvoyant and author. TV appearances include "The Russell Grant Show", on Sky TV and "Housebusters" on Channel 5 TV. Private clients include famous television and showbusiness personalities. Resident astrologer on Publishes a popular weekly horoscope column and writes articles on astrology, psychic ability, self-development etc.
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Gordon Smith Gordon Smith
Seventh son of a seventh son, Gordon Smith - known as the "psychic barber" - is a British medium renowned for his ability to give exact names of people, places and even streets in his public demonstrations. He has written several books, including "Spirit Messenger" and "The Unbelievable Truth".
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