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Reflection poser

You are standing in front of the bathroom mirror and can see down to your navel. You walk back from the mirror. Can you now see:
  • Less of yourself?
  • The same amount?
  • More of yourself?

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    Birthday Odds
    You are at a wedding with 50 guests. What is the chance that among those guests there are at least two who share a birthday?

    Almost certain
    About 50-50
    About 1 in 7
    Extremely unlikely
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    Spotted Bear
    A hunter leaves his campsite and travels ten kilometers due south. After taking a rest, he travels ten kilometers due east, where he shoots a bear. He drags the bear back to his campsite by travelling ten kilometers due north.
    What color is the bear?

    Black Brown White Black & White Yellow
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    Add it up - quick!
    Here's a simple (or is it?) addition poser to test your mathematical skills.
    Take 1000. Add 40.
    Add another 1000.
    Add 30. 1000 again.
    Plus 20. Plus 1000.
    And finally, plus 10.
    What is the total?

    Click here for the answer.

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