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Here's an interesting if somewhat macabre psychological test to determine - well, we'll tell you what this test determines after you've taken it. Knowing what the test is designed to reveal might influence you in arriving at your answer.
Here's the question: While attending her father's funeral, a woman meets a man whom she has never met before, and knows nothing about. She falls in love with him instantly but never gets to learn his name or phone number. In the days that follow, she becomes totally obsessed with him.
Three weeks later she murders her own sister.
What was her motive?

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3 diners The Missing £1
Three friends visit a restaurant and order three meals. The bill comes to £25 (okay, so this was a long time ago).
Each of the three diners places a £10 note on the table, and the waiter collects this £30 and takes it to the cash register. He returns a few moments later with a tray containing five £1 coins.
The three diners obviously can't divide this equally between themselves, so each takes a £1 coin, leaving the remaining two £1 coins as a tip for the waiter.
Since each gave the waiter £10 and took back £1 in change, this means that each paid £9, which, between them, totals £27.
The waiter got £2.
But if the three diners paid £27 between them and the waiter got £2, this adds up to £29.
Where did the other £1 go?

The Guardian How good are you?
Are you a goody two-shoes or a wicked witch?
Take the Guardian morality quiz to find out!

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Test Your Senses Put Your Senses to the Test!
Here is an interesting series of sensory tests from the BBC designed to reveal just how unreliable our senses can be.
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Dsleyixa is nohitng to wtire hmoe aobut!
Rseaerhcres at Camrbigde Uvinesrtiy hvae dicsoeverd taht the huamn bairn cmoprehneds etnire wodrs adn not idnvidiaul letetrs. The oredr of lerttes deos not mttaer. Teh ipmrotnat thnig is taht the fisrt and lsat lettres of wdors are in teh rghit plcae.
Now itns't taht remarkbale?

Test your reaction time!
Click on "Start", then wait until the colour in the box changes. As soon as it changes, hit "stop!"

College friends
Sarah Higgins was walking down the high street when she bumped into an old friend from college.
"Hello, I haven't seen or heard from you since graduation back in 1985!" said Sarah, "what's happened to you?"
"Well, I got married in 1992 to somebody you wouldn't know. This is our son", said the friend who was holding hands with a little boy.
"Hello and what's your name?" said Sarah to the boy.
"It's the same as his Daddy's," said her friend.
"Ah, so it's Peter is it?" said Sarah.
How did she know?

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