UK PSYCHICS REPORT - 25 September 2002


Poltergeist Staff at a shop in Trowbridge, Wiltshire are blaming a poltergeist called George for a spate of mysterious events.
Each time an incident has occurred, there has been no sign of a break-in, and nothing has been stolen.
The mysterious events have included stock being strewn around the Millets store.
In the most recent incident, the burglar alarm was set off at 5.30am on Saturday, but when police arrived they could find nothing to explain what had happened.
Stock had apparently been flung around the store, but there was no sign of anyone having forced their way in.
Millets assistant manager Renate Parvin said: "His name is George and we think he's Victorian.
"Since the alarm went off the other night we've had an engineer in to look at it and it seems like it was George's fault.
"There's no other reason why it would have gone off.
"Occasionally we've had things fall out of the window or stock moved from where it was left and nobody knows how it's happened.
"Some people get a strange vibe when they go into the stock room."
Miss Parvin added: "I haven't seen him but he has been seen by one of the girls in the shop opposite, New Look.
"She said that he was quite an old character with a long black coat and a beard.
"That's the only description she would give because she was quite scared and distressed about it."
"None of us find it frightening and George isn't a problem, " Miss Parvin said.
"We're certainly not going to get an exorcist in."
Wiltshire Police are investigating the matter.