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The Ghost in the Rocking Chair
Ever since I moved into my Dad's house (my parent's are divorced) in 1995, I knew there was something odd about it, but since I was eight years of age then, I didn't think much of spirits or psychic experiences. Not that i didn't believe in ghosts; I was just too immature to understand them. But when I turned 13 I began having experiences, odd ones that couldn't be rationally explained. The first happened when I was taking pictures on a digital camera of my bathroom, just to test the camera, since I had just acquired it. After taking about a dozen pictures, I compiled them so that it would appear to be camera footage, or a panorama, on the camera. What came out startled me. After watching this "movie" fotage of my bathroom, the camera stops on the last frame, which was of the closet. What was in the closet was a humanlike form floating in mid-air. It had black holes for eyes and a large gaping mouth. Being 13, I panicked, looked at the closet, saw nothing, and ran out of the bathroom. I refused to go into that bathroom for months after this incident. But this was just my first strange experience. On other occasions I have heard banging sounds on my door at night, and when I answer it, I find my dad and stepmom sound asleep and a cool area by the door. This one time I woke up to see an old woman in a rocking chair by my bed.
One thing has stuck in my mind. When my dad asked the previous owner of the house, an old man, why he wanted to sell it, he looked around nervously before replying: "Oh, I can't find it easy to sleep here anymore... too many..." (with a glance behind his shoulder) ..."memories of my wife...".
Now it's possible that this was the reason he wanted to move, but I'm not so sure. Something in his voice made me think that he was wasn't telling the whole story. My own opinion is that the house is haunted by his wife.
If any readers have any questions, my email address is
Jeff Sheridan, Plantation, Florida, USA.


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