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Below are just a few of the many hundreds of messages of appreciation we have received from clients who were helped by our readers. These are genuine, unsolicited testimonials, the originals of which are available on request for inspection by accredited journalists.

Dear Caroline [Todd],
Thank you so much for your reading. I have been down for several months now and clinging to the old, when I knew I had to change, and wanted so much to change. Your wise words have made me see the light, made me see what was right under my nose really. I shall consider your reading very carefully and begin to move in the right direction, without wallowing in self-pity any longer.
Thank you again.

Dear Sophia,
Your reading was so accurate and helped me to understand what is currently going on in my life and why... I will be coming back to you shortly after I have managed to take the next step forward.
You are a very special person. Thank you once again.

Angel [Omara],
Thank you for a quite remarkably helpful reading...

Thank you so much Caroline [Todd], you really helped so much.
Best wishes

Dear Caroline [Todd],
I am very impressed with your very accurate insight into my situation and my husband's character. We read it together, you have been so generous in your reading and gave me a deep sense of peace and means to think about my self with more determination.
Thank you very much, I wish you all the best and I hope to contact you soon for more inspiration and help.

Dear UK Psychics,
Please pass on my sincere gratitude to Margie for her in-depth and insightful reading. In about three months I'll write to her again for another reading and see how I've progressed. Please tell her I will take all her suggestions seriously and make them happen!
Best regards and please give Margie my love.

Caroline [Todd],
Fascinating - and very grateful. You have picked up so much that I did not say. You are absolutely right about - - -. The person that you refer to is - - - So you can see how good/accurate you have been.
Kind regards,

Dear UK Psychics,
I would like to say a very big thank you for my reading. I read it again and again for several times, it was very impressive and what you said was absolutely right and accurate. No one could never describe my situation and myself better than you. I am really happy right now and will follow your suggestion. Thank you very much once again for your help and I will com back to you again soon.
Love and best wishes,

Hi Caroline [Todd],
Thank you so much for my reading. There's an awful lot of food for thought there ,and I'm just digestig it slowly at the moment....
Anyway ,thankyou Caroline --if i need another reading I'll come to you again.
Jane xxx

Please would you pass my thanks on to Margie. She was wonderful. Please would you let her know how much she has helped me. I feel that she really went the extra mile in her reading, showing great compassion and empathy, and I would like her to know how much it is appreciated.

Hi Caroline [Todd]
Thank you... I appreciate very much your help in helping me understand my situation a lot better. Your reading made a lot of sense. Once more, thank you.

Thank you Rashi for your reading. It was helpful.
Jean du Roche

Hi Denise
Just a quick email to say thanks fro an incredible reading that showed incredible insight.

Dear Caroline [Todd],
Goodness you are good at this!

Dear Caroline, thank you very much for your reading, I thoroughly enjoyed it.....
All the best to you, thank you again for your wonderful reading.

Thank you for my reading. Please tell Amber that I was very moved and feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Tell her thank you very, very much.
Blessings Deanna

Dear Margie,
Hello, I got a reading from Amber recently and everything is just as she said... Thank you so much Amber. You helped me at a very stressful time. You have a precious gift.

Thank you very much for your loving and insightful reading and help Caroline [Todd].
With heartfelt love and gratitude.

What a great, insightful reading! Please thank Renee... this has really helped me to make my decision.

Dear Margie,
Hello, Thank you very much. Everything you say makes sense, and the way you described my husband put a smile on my face. I couldn't describe him better myself. Thank you. I feel a lot better about the future now.

Thank you Caroline [Todd] for the reading you have said so much which is so true ....
Elise x

About Our Readers
The readers who work from UKPsychics have been carefully selected for their ability to deliver expert, insightful and helpful advice. Above all our readers have been chosen for their genuine interest in people and their problems, and for their strong desire to help.
We receive hundreds of applications each month from readers hoping to join our team, but only a tiny percentage are accepted. The readers who work from this website are, quite simply, the best.

History of the London Psychic Centre
The London Psychic Centre was established in 1982, and was originally based in Baker Street, London. The Centre was founded with the aim of promoting and encouraging high standards in psychic disciplines and services, and has included among its members some of Britain's most renowned and highly-regarded clairvoyants, astrologers, healers and occultists, including Tom Pilgrim, Jane Lyle, Zak Martin, Sasha Fenton, Katheryn Player, Josephine Day, Zachary Cox, Nigel Bourne, Seldiy Bate, Marion Green and Bernard Ball.
The London Psychic Centre has been an online entity since 1999, and continues to uphold and promote the same standards of service and excellence on the internet that it became famous for in the "real" world.

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