Small World Map

For those of you who do not have any idea what to enter in the Latitude and Longitude boxes on the Quick Horoscope Calculator, I have provided this map, (which is in the public domain).  Although consulting an Atlas will give you better results, (many Atlases even list the Latitude and Longitude of cities and towns), you can see from the map to within a few degrees what your Latitude and Longitude are, (if you know where you are on the map!).

The Equator runs across the map in the centre, passing through the North of Brazil, Central Africa and Indonesia.  Above are the 30 degrees North Latitude Line, passing through the North of Florida, North Africa and China, and the 60 degrees North Latitude Line, passing through Canada and Russia.

Below the Equator is the 30 degrees South Latitude Line running through Argentina, South Africa and Australia, with the 60 degrees South Latitude Line, passing through practically nothing, just above Antarctica.

The Longitude lines run up and down the map.  The Longitude line nearest the centre of the map is the Greenwich Meridian, passing through the United Kingdom, Spain, and Algeria.  To the left of the Greenwich Meridian are West longitude Lines and to the Right are East Longitude Lines.  The distance between the Longitude Lines is 30 degrees, so the Longitude Line passing through the "A" in "UNITED STATES" is 90 degrees Longitude West, since it is 3 lines to the left of the Greenwich meridian.

Looking at the map, I estimated the position of Bermuda as being 33 degrees North and 65 degrees West.  My Atlas gives 32 degrees North and 65 degrees West, which is not far distant.

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