UK PSYCHICS REPORT - 29 January 2002


Tell your fortune? A woman in Japan is claiming to be able to tell a man's fortune by having sex with him.
The woman, known only as Kaho, is based in a brothel in Nagoya. She claims to be able to tell a man his future by performing sexual services.
Japan already has a soothsayer who divines the future by breast-reading and another who makes predictions based on mobile phone numbers.
Kaho claims to have read the fortunes of about 1,000 men in the past year by performing sex acts on them, reports Shukan Taishu news magazine.
She says she has foreseen life events for many men - helping one to win a vast amount of money at a racecourse, and advising a doubting groom to marry his bride. Kaho says he is still a regular client.