Ghostly Message on the Keyboard?
In November of 2001 I happened to see a TV show called "Crossing Over," with John Edward. From then I was completely hooked on the programme, and watched it every time it was on. Shortly afterwards I bought his book "One Last Time," in which he explains that we all have spirit guides and that with some practice are able to tune in to them.
I spent one Saturday evening reading the book, and, on retiring to bed I voiced to my own guides that I would like them to verify their existence in my own life; and I stipulated that it would have to be something I couldn't overlook or pass off as a coincidence. With that I went to sleep.
The following day I was trying to compose a letter regarding my personal finances. I reached for my pen which was on top of my word processor keyboard. The machine was still switched on and, as I picked up the pen, I touched against one of the number keys. Words started to run across the screen, and my initial response was to panic, as I thought I was deleting the book that I'm writing.
After a couple of lines, the text stopped running across the page and at the end of the text the number 143 appeared. Like a bolt of lightning it hit me, and I picked up John Edward's book and found the passage of text I'd remembered. He'd been doing a reading for someone and had asked what the number 143 meant to them. Nothing came to the lady sitter's mind, but after a few minutes John said it rang a bell for him: it was the number that he and his wife used to say "I love you" in code on private messages and letters. The subsequent text in the book went on to explain how spirits are also able to communicate through electrical equipment... The hairs on the back of my neck stood up!
Was this a message from my guides saying that they are there and do love me?

Emily Sanchez, Austin, Texas, USA.

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