Precognitive Dream
One night, some years ago, I had a vivid and colourful dream in which I was riding a horse in a deserted but beautiful place. I just kept looking around enjoying the scenic beauty as well as the horseride (I had never ridden a horse!).
Suddenly, the scene changed, and now I was riding along a beach. I could tell that it was early in the morning at around 4 or 4:30am and I could see the waves rushing onto the shore.
All of a sudden my horse behaved as if frightened and I looked out towards the sea. I saw an air plane and I could read the words "INDIAN AIRLINES" on its side; and as I was looking at it, suddenly, the plane bursts exactly into two pieces and crashed into the sea. I woke up abruptly and looked at my bedside clock: it was 4:45am. Wondering, I went back to sleep.
The following morning's newspaper carried the story of an accident in which at around 4:30am that morning, an Indian Airlines plane which had taken off from Bombay airport broke in two and fell from the sky, killing everybody on board.
I could not react for quite some time.

Shrinivasan Seshadri, Chennai, INDIA

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