Letty's Grave
The incident I am about to relate happened fifteen years ago. Several years earlier, when I was travelling in India, my father had died suddenly, and, as I could not be contacted for almost a week, I missed his funeral. So, when I eventually came back to live in England, one of the first things I did was to visit his grave. My sister accompanied me to show me where it was located.
After we had laid flowers on his grave, my sister remembered that this was the same graveyard in which our aunt Letty was buried. Letty had been the black sheep of the family and had been, by all accounts, "a bit of a character". She had died when my sister and I were young teenagers, but we had fond if somewhat vague memories of her from our childhood.
We decided we would find her grave and "say hello".
The graveyard was huge, and it had changed a great deal since I had last visited it, so I left it to my sister to locate Letty's grave. However, after searching through the rows of headstones for over twenty minutes, we still hadn't found Letty, and it was getting quite late. We were just about to give up when suddenly a woman's voice called out "Over here - I'm over here!". We both looked up in the direction of the voice, but we could see no-one. "It's someone playing silly beggers," my sister remarked, and walked over to the spot from where the voice had seemed to come. I followed her, feeling a little uneasy. But there was nobody to be seen. In fact the whole graveyard appeared to be deserted now. The hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end, and when I looked at my sister I saw that she had gone white. "This is it," she said, pointing down at the gravestone at our feet. With my heart pounding in my chest, I looked at the headstone and read my aunt's name on it...
I can't begin to describe to you how petrified I was - we both were - as we practically ran out of that graveyard, clutching onto each other.
This is a true story. There is no possibility of our having imagined that voice, or what it said, as we both heard the same thing. My sister and I have talked about it many times, and tried to find a less ghostly explanation for what happened on that day, but the only conclusion we can ever come to is that Letty wanted us to find her grave.

Mrs A. Chaney, Bucks, UK.

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