We Ran Over A Ghost!
Around 31 years ago, just after we had got engaged, my fiancÚ was driving us back from my parents home in Herne Bay, in Kent, in his open-top sports car. The motorway had only just been built, and there were hardly any cars on it in those days.
We crossed over the motorway to a village, and there at dusk - it was 9pm precisely - we ran over a ghost!
I felt a bump on my passenger side, and screamed: "We've run over someone!"
My fiancÚ had seen a tall figure, in a long riding mac, or trench coat, wearing long boots and a tall hat. I had caught a glimpse of this figure too.
We got out and had a look around, but there was nothing under or behind the car. It was dusk, and the headlights of our car were on, so we could see the area quite clearly. Weird!
When we reached the next phone box we rang my dad, who had at one time been involved with the Spiritualist church in Surrey. He advised us to contact the Psychic Research people when we got home.
What we actually did was to look up, in a book book on ghosts, all the known ghosts in that area.
The village where we'd had our ghostly encounter turned out to be Smarsden, in Kent - and it was listed as the most haunted village in that county!
In fact we found two ghosts described in the book that fitted the description of the ghost we'd "bumped into". As the road had been altered recently to make way for the turn-off road for the motorway, it could have dislodged a ghost, or apparition, of either "The Highwayman", or "The Schoolmaster"! Both descriptions fitted the figure we had seen.
I might add, now 30 years later, that I've since developed the gifts of channelling, or spiritual mediumship - but my husband is still a sceptic.

Jadine Wood , Stroud, Glos., UK.

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