Learning to Read the Tarot

By Leslie Fulger

Tarot Spread

Often times when we are wanting to learn something, the material we need to study may seem overwhelming and confusing when there are various techniques and tons of dogma associated with a diverse topic; especially in regards to the Tarot. For centuries Tarot has eluded many with its mystical symbolism and divination properties that are believed to foretell the future.

In fact, all of the symbolism and associated influences surrounding each individual card depicts a slew of information available to the querent (the person asking the question) and knowing which information is pertinent to that specific person can be intimidating to say the least.

As many known Tarot decks available on the market, there are just as many techniques to beginning the study of Tarot. This factor alone can be overwhelming and hinder the ability to absorb the information because there is a substantial amount of knowledge contained within each card. Although there are many decks available the cards are basically the same and provide a similar meaning with a little extra insight according to the opinion of the author.

So what exactly does that mean? Basically, it means that no matter what deck you begin with the same principles and information is available as contained within other decks it's only varying in degree according to the viewpoint of the author. In other words, although I'm technically using the Rider-Waite Tarot deck the information applies to other decks as well and can be implemented. As each deck has a similar order and possess the Major and Minor Arcana cards, symbology, numeric factors, associated planetary, elemental, spiritual and psychological influences.

The best way that I have found personally and by helping others to understand the way Tarot works is by spending time meditating and focusing upon each card. Write down the information that intuitively comes to you before checking to see what the book has to say. Look closely in great detail at all of the symbols and elements you see presented in each card.

Another method I find helpful is by practicing 3 Card Spreads that way you are training your mind to see how the cards relate to each other and influence each other. This spread offers the simplest means of denoting past influences that brought you to the here and now, the challenges you face presently and what is likely to be the outcome if things go according to the way they are currently unfolding at the given time of the reading. When using this method, utilize your intuition before reading the interpretation from the book that comes with your specific deck. Also pay attention to any numbers and whether or not they are Major or Minor Arcana cards or Court cards. Read the information within your book that explain the positioning of these cards in a reading for more clarity.

Leslie Fulger

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