Intuition and the Tarot

by Leslie Fulger

Tarot Spread

The interesting thing about Tarot is there are no right or wrong answers. Technically speaking, Tarot is based upon symbolic meanings and associations. And since no two people will ever view the same symbol in precisely the same way, it is based upon our own intuitive perception.

Yes, we can try to memorize the symbology of each card but in reality, that is someone else's perception of it's associations and meaning, but that does not necessarily mean that you will perceive those same interpretations the exact same way.

That is where many individuals tend to give up in frustration because it appears to be an overwhelming task of memorizing all the information. Or they may not feel they identify with the information provided with their card deck.

Yes, that information can be helpful in the beginning but relying upon your own intuition is key. Utilizing the Tarot will help build upon those intuitive faculties. It also helps to boost self-confidence in trusting your intuitive impressions.

So at anytime during your course of studying the Tarot, please do not give up simply because you are frustrated or confused. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and stop worrying so much about what the book says. Start learning to listen to your intuition.

Books are simply guides to assist you. It is your intuition that draws upon the symbols and interprets them in a way that you can understand. Rely on your impressions as they are likely to be more accurate than any book you may read. Predominantly, those books are based upon the author's viewpoint and their own intuitive impressions.

Open your mind, soften your focus and allow the images and symbols of each card to speak to you. Have faith in yourself to discern the information accurately. It is when we tend to doubt ourselves that we truly hinder our progress.

The Tarot is a never ending cycle of learning. No matter how long or how good you get at reading the Tarot, you will always be working towards improving your skills and becoming more attuned to the cards. As a result, you also will become more aware of yourself and the world around you.

You will begin to notice the symbols speaking to your consciousness in many subtle and unique ways. They certainly have a language all their own and once you can connect and tap into that reservoir of knowledge and information you will notice that your intuitive faculties will heighten.

You would not be drawn to study the Tarot if you were not capable of reading it and understanding it. Your subconscious knows this on a very deep level and has drawn your attention to whatever deck you have chosen to use. Have patience, faith and trust that you can overcome whatever challenges you may encounter along the way. Allow the Tarot to guide your way. Listen closely to it speaking to you and most importantly trust your intuition.

To Your Divinatory Success!

© Leslie Fulger

About the Author
Leslie Fulger is a professional writer, editor, spiritual teacher, counselor and healer.

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