Rosa Derriviere The Essence of Magic - by Rosa Derriviere

What is Magic? According to Aleister Crowley "Magik is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will".

This means with directed will, you can accomplish your intent. "Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will". By applying, your Imagination, and visualising the end result of your purpose or intention a picture of what you want is created and "Energy follows thought".

Tarot Cards The Tarot Cards can be a great help to clarify that picture and scent, brings it vividly to mind through associated memories.
The other important element to consider is emotion the feeling that underlies the desire to accomplish your intent. Our emotions are the engine, that drives our will. Fear, can block the positive flow of feelings, whether it is fear of failure or of success either way the energy and thought behind the intention needs to be positive for the magic to work.

Magickal Oils Essential oils, affirmation, and candles are used in the art of magic. Once you have created your "Sacred space" and your tools are at hand its then a matter of directing your single-focused will, upon an image that you've clearly visualized as already accomplished, on the earth plane such as a new Job or a positive outcome to a given situation

Magic Candle So what do you do with the oils? According to many mystics any act performed with intention becomes a ritual. The oils are used to burn, and or to anoint candles. Using colour for example enhances what you want to create. Whether you visualize the colour through meditation, or select a coloured candle, choosing the colour that corresponds, to the area of your life you intend to enhance. Do remember WITHOUT awareness and positive intention you only have empty gestures. So be Mindful as well as Creative

The power and Use of Colour
White - Purity, Understanding spirituality.
Red - Stimulates, empowers passion, strengthening.
Orange - Sociable, Fun, Re - connects to the self. "Self Love"
Yellow - Organisation, Discipline, Clarity of thought.
Blue - Spirituality, Understanding, Communication, patience.
Pink - Love, reconnecting to the heart healing, loving relationships.
Green - Balance, Harmony, health, prosperity.
Purple - Intuition, personal power, Clairvoyance higher self.
Black - Constriction, protection, Endings
Gold - High levels of consciousness Soul's path. High level protection.

The Ancient Wisdom of the Tarot
I will only talk about 4 cards here, to conclude, as in the future I'll be writing a more in-depth piece for you all to read about "The fools Journey" this will include The Arcana and their corresponding Oils.

The Magician The first Card that comes to mind is the Magician. This card depicts total attention, concentrated on a single purpose while the High Priestess demonstrates how to relax and centre the emotion in perfect balance. The Empress shows how imagination creates a desire image filled with sensory detail whilst the Emperor projects the force of will balanced by impersonal emotion in perfect balance. These are the first four cards of the Major Arcana (Not including the Fool).

You don't have to do anything elaborate to create a ritual or - on the other hand you can incorporate all manner of Esoteric tools. Such as casting a sacred circle of salt, and calling upon an ancient god or goddesses whilst Burning incenses. Planetary aspects need to be considered also. The Moon's Phases, are important factors to consider to maximise results. The new moon, traditionally is for invoking new ideas and projects, whilst the full moon, is to bring them into end. All these factors are an important part in creating "Magic." However elaborate, formal rituals can intensify the effectiveness of your work, to obtain the results you want.

Hope you've enjoyed reading about "Ancient Wisdom" in Modern times.

Moon Fairy

Warm Wishes,
Rosa Derriviere xxx

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