Rescue Work

A medium's account of an encounter with an earthbound spirit

It all began with a telephone call one Thursday morning. The call was from Jane who is one of my students from the spiritual development group that I teach. Jane has become an accomplished Tarot card reader, but I felt she needed to develop her spiritual side as well as using her psychic abilities. Jane knew one of my passions was rescue work which involves helping lost souls that for various reasons have failed to pass over the other side. She said that she had received a telephone call from someone who had sounded quite distressed asking if she could help, or if she knew anyone who might be able to solve a particular problem they were experiencing. The gist of it was that someone or something was distressing her five year old son while he was asleep. My first reaction was that he was experiencing his distress through dreaming due to an overactive imagination, but nonetheless I decided to call on the lady in question to hear her story - and what a story it turned out to be!
This is a true story. The only thing I have changed is the name of the Yeovil family in question by calling them the Browns. I arranged to meet Mrs Brown the following day and decided to take Jane along with me, as this would be good practice for her spiritual development. She could also act as chaperone, as I had never met Mrs Brown before. You tend to meet all sorts of weird and wonderful people in my particular field, and a lot of the time their problems are only in their heads, especially if they had been dabbling in things they did not understand.
After the initial introductions were made, we all sat down and had a cup of tea, Mr Brown then started to tell the story. The Browns had moved into the property about ten years earlier, and over the years had three sons, the eldest aged nine and the youngest aged five. Mrs Brown then took up the story, recounting how the two eldest had often seen "something" at night-time, but she had always put this down to their having vivid dreams or nightmares. Over the years so many little things happened around the house that they began to suspect they had a spirit in the house. This did not seem to bother the family at all until the youngest son, who was around three at the time, started to become very restless during the night. He would never settle down, so finally the Browns decided to let him sleep in their bed until he had fallen asleep. This arrangement worked well enough to start with, but soon every time they tried to put him back in his room he would wake up distressed. To get over his problems they changed rooms with him and also let him sleep with the light on. This seemed to work quite well until, just before his fifth birthday, he began to come into his parents bedroom at night saying that the "mister" had made him come in. This became a regular occurrence and on several occasions Mrs Brown thought she saw what looked like smoke by the side of the child's bed which disappeared as she got closer. This worried her, naturally, and she could find no explanation for it. It came to a point where her son would go into a tantrum if they tried to put him into bed, or even get him to play upstairs, which meant he was constantly under his mother's feet, and would not leave her alone. To make matters worse, strange things began to happen to the parents in their own bedroom while they were sleeping. On several occasions they were awakened when the bed covers were violently pulled off their bed. It became so bad that Mr Brown ended up by shouting at the top of his voice, telling whatever it was to go away and leave them alone.
The situation was becoming increasingly desperate for the Browns, which is how they came to make that phone call to Jane, as a result of which I became involved.
We sat for a while just talking and relaxing. I always like to do this in order to get a feel for the place and the people. I noticed that Mrs Brown was very anxious about the safety of her children, which was quite understandable, and Mr Brown was very angry because he was powerless to do anything about the situation.
When I first arrived at the Browns, my first feelings for the downstairs passageway (hallway) and the living room was very peaceful, and I could not pick up any thoughts or feel any presence of spirit. After finishing my second cup of tea (teaholic that I am) I ask if it would be alright for me to wander about the house alone, and the Browns readily agreed. Scanning every nook and cranny downstairs, I picked up nothing. Likewise, as I walk up the stairs I picked up nothing unusual.
The first bedroom I went into was the master bedroom, and again I felt nothing. However, when I entered one of the children's bedrooms I was overcome by a strong sense of loss and sadness, and began to detect signals of a presence in the room (my signs of spirit near to me are tingling throughout my body, a sensation as of cobweb on my face, and my hairs standing on end. These are all quite normal reactions when spirit is near).
I immediately sensed that it was an old gentleman. I sent out thoughts of apologies for disturbing him and left the room and headed toward the other children's bedroom, sensing all the time the old gentleman following me.
On entering the other bedroom, I immediately picked up on the presence of a small child (a boy). I knew he had attached himself to this house because of the strength of the older spirit. I then went into a meditation to open the light for the spirits to depart from this earth plane. Immediately the old gentleman left. He was having nothing to do with it. However, the younger spirit was quite willing to go, so I carried on with opening the light, and after a short while I knew I had established a pathway for the lost soul to go forward onto the next plane. I mentally ask him to go toward the light and not to be afraid because someone would be there to greet him as I sensed him take his first steps toward the light I could feel his mother and lots of other relatives greeting him. A strong feeling of love came over me, and then he was gone.
I then went back into the bedroom that I had first felt the presence of the older spirit. He was still there, but now not only did I feel the sense of loss and sadness, I also felt anger and confusion.
It was then that I had one of my best links with spirit. We started to have a mental conversation. He told me he had farmed the land before any of the houses had been built, and his cottage had stood on the very spot this new house had been built upon (I should add that this "new houise" he referred to had in fact been built in the 1920's).
He went on to tell me that his name was George and that he was looking for his wife. I tried to convince him that she had passed over, and she would be waiting in the light to meet him, but he was still adamant he would not leave the house until he had found her.
I asked him why he had been frightening the children. He assured me that he had not intended to frighten the little boy, it was only because the boy knew he was there and responded to him that he got angry and confused because the others in the house ignored him, so out of desperation and loneliness he latched onto the only person he could get any reaction from. After a lengthy conversation with him he promised me that he would leave the boy alone, but added that if any of the older people felt him or sensed his presence to just acknowledge him by saying hello to him. I tried once more to convince him he would be better off going into the light but to no avail.
I promised to talk to him soon, and then went back downstairs.
I asked Jane if she would have a walk around the house to see if she could pick up anything. While she was away I explained to the Browns about George and they readily agreed that they would acknowledge him whenever they felt him about, as long as he left the boys alone. I told them to look out for pictures moving or things being misplaced and to just talk to him as if he were a living person.
At that point, Jane returned and sat with us. She said she had felt spirit in the same room as I had, and felt it was a old man. I confirmed this with her and we sat around talking and, yes, drank more tea.
Just before we left, I ask if I could pop upstairs to say goodbye to the spirit of the old man. He was not in the first room but in the room where the younger spirit had been. He was very confused. I told him I had opened the light for him and his mother had come for him. I went on to explain that all his friends and family were there waiting for him, including his wife. I ask him if I could just show him the light so he might see for himself, and to my surprise he said yes.
I then started to concentrate on opening the light, and within seconds a doorway had opened. I mentally saw his wife there and said to George "there she is, go to her". With that, he took one step forward and was surrounded with loved ones. Just before going into the light he looked back and said "thank you Ron. We will meet again".
I wiped a tear from my eye and left the room. On the same evening I received a phone call from Mrs Brown to tell me that she could not believe it, but that her youngest son was upstairs playing in his room, which he had always refused to do before.

Ron Lines

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