Astral Projection

More commonplace than we imagine?

I vividly recall my first 'out-of-body' experience. I went to bed physically and mentally exhausted.
As soon as I closed my eyes, I had a sensation of being pulled downwards. This was so strong that I a instinctively opened my eyes again and tried to resist the urge to sleep. But I was just too tired.
Each time I felt my eyes closing, I found the same thing - my entire body seemed to be dragged along and I was receiving images of different tunnels - one was black and entirely without light; another was flesh-coloured, like cut meat. Eventually I succumbed and disappeared down that one.
Emerging into the light I found I was looking down at my prone body on the bed. Its expression was worried and it appeared restless. I too felt anxious and wanted to return, but felt myself rising higher.
Then I was looking down at the whole room as if beyond the ceiling. I floated further and could see the entire house from above, both inside and outside - I can't explain why both were visible, and it now seems impossible to imagine - but at the time they were. I rose again and saw the street. It now looked more like a scene from the window of an aeroplane before landing.
Then I began to move sideways and further away. I was not at all happy and began to wander how I could possibly get back. For some reason the scene from 'The Wizard of Oz' came to mind, where Dorothy wants to go back. I followed her lead and repeated 'there's n place like home' 3 times.
Next I was swept backwards as is by a forceful gust of wind. On my way back into the bedroom I noticed a hat, mislaid months previously, on top of a wardrobe, almost falling down the back of it.
Then it was back through the red tunnel and there I was, back in my body, breathing very heavily, perspiring and shaking. (I later was told that this experience represents leaving the body via the throat and then out through the navel.) When I gathered my senses I climbed up to see if the hat was there.
It was! (I was also told that this sort of 'proof' is often provided, especially in earlier 'journeys'!)
Although this was dramatic and rather disturbing, I came to realise that although I had been having a series of 'awakenings' in the months just prior to it, I had been resisting this particular one.
I had received spontaneous mediumship on several occasions, and gone through a period of getting guidance through a number of impossible 'coincidences', including 'accidentally' meeting one of my own guides. My consciousness was definitely expanding but my 'separation fear' had prevented me from trying to leave my body while conscious. But what one resists, persists; so I was 'persuaded'!
So - have you ever left your body? If the answer is a resounding 'no', then I have to tell you that you are wrong! You regularly 'project' beyond your body - probably at least daily, in fact.
Each time we sleep we effectively 'project' from our bodies. We safely return before awaking. This is one reason why it is good to train ourselves to awaken at the time we need to without the use of alarms, which can 'shock' us back to consciousness too quickly (especially if we haven't set the time ourselves and are unaware of exactly what it is. This is a great shock to the system!)
There are various levels of consciousness, classified as alpha, beta, gamma and delta. Wide awake, we are thought to be functioning at the delta level of mind. Carrying out familiar or semi-automated tasks, we can slip into the gamma or even beta levels, where consciousness is not quite as acute.
This is why, for instance, it is important to take breaks during long drives, as our 'awake' state of mind can be dulled by the repetitive nature of what we are doing. Beta or alpha levels are normally only accessed during unconsciousness, usually through sleep. The alpha level is the most relaxed and deepest state of mind. But it is possible to access all of these levels while conscious, with training, and the deeper levels can bring greater clarity and insight as well as relaxation and calm.
Meditation is of course one of the main ways to achieve this. Meditating regularly means we spend more of our conscious lives in a more relaxed and mentally clear state, and it is highly beneficial.
Another method of achieving deeper levels of mind is through creative visualisation combined with relaxation technique, which could be described as a form of meditation. This helps steer the mental faculties away from the multitude of distractions around us and toward a more focussed state.
The exercise below is intended for this purpose. Through this it is also possible to achieve what may be described as an 'out of body experience', but one in which we regain total control at all times.
In order to do this you will need to have someone read it out loud or record it onto CD, tape, minidisk etc, so you can do the exercise as you listen back to it. You may prefer to get someone else to record it for you, but your own voice is normally ideal because it resonates with you through familiarity.
You may prefer to do this exercise with others at first, if you feel nervous about the idea of your consciousness leaving your body. Then as you gain confidence you may want to try it alone.
Read this out slowly using a measured tone and rhythm, and do include pauses where stated. The exercise should take up to half an hour; if much shorter, you may need to allow more pauses!

Close your eyes; take a deep breath in through your nose. Then, while slowly exhaling feel a wave of relaxation flow gently down through your whole body. (pause)
I am now going to count down from 7 to 1, to allow your mind to adjust to a deeper, healthier level as you experience the magical associations of the number 7. This includes the colours of the rainbow or cosmic colour rays. (pause) and the main charkas, counting upwards through the body from the base chakra (red) up to the 'third eye' chakra (purple); you may wish to also visualise these.
7, Red. Visualise now a warm, stimulating red This vibration exercise has the great influence upon the health and vitality of the body. 6, Orange: Now envisage a bright, vibrant orange. This colour calls forth self confidence and positive thinking as it builds up the energies of the body. (pause)
5, Yellow: See a bright, luminous yellow; this colour stimulates the mental faculties. helping in the creation of thought and visualisation.
4, Green: a soothing, harmonious radiation. Feel it, allow every cell of your body to absorb this green vibration.
3, Blue: visualise a deep, tranquil blue and feel a calming effect overcome the mind and nerves as you absorb the blue vibration. (pause)
2, Indigo: visualise the cooling, purifying effect this vibration has upon your consciousness.
1, Violet: visualise a violet light now flooding your being, expanding your awareness. and linking you to cosmic consciousness. This colour represents spirit, and your own spirituality. (pause)
To help you go deeper now I'm going to count from 10 to 1; with every descending number you will feel yourself going deeper and you will enter deeper, healthier levels of mind. (pause)
With every descending number your awareness will expand and you will gain greater control of the deeper levels of mind. 10, 9: feel yourself going deeper now; let go. (pause)
8, 7: deeper and deeper; feel yourself going deeper. (pause) 6, 5: becoming more and more relaxed. (pause)
4, 3: deeper and deeper let go.
2: let go of everything.
1: let go let go. (pause)
Allow yourself just to be. It's a wonderful feeling to be deeply relaxed, a very healthy state of being. (pause)

Whenever you wish to enter these deeper levels of mind all you have to do is practise the counting exercise. Each time you do this you will go deeper and gain greater control of your awareness. To help you enter a deeper, more aware level if mind, I'm going to count from 3 to 1. At the count of 1, mentally visualise yourself in an ideal place of relaxation. This can be any place where you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Feel comfortable, and relaxed. Breathe slowly.
3, 2,1 Mentally visualise yourself now in your ideal location. Take some time to choose this.
Notice any colours and sounds which are around you. Enjoy your ideal place of relaxation. (pause)
And now, imagine yourself walking on a beach; feel the warm sun shining on your back; your feet sinking into the soft sand as you slowly walk toward the water. (pause)
A cool breeze is blowing in from the sea; you can hear the waves splashing on the beach; you can feel the cool water washing up around your feet; as you walk along the deserted beach. (long pause)
Now imagine yourself slowly beginning to become very light. Feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter. (pause) As you become lighter and lighter, feel how nice it would be just to rise up off the floor, off your chair if you are seated, off your bed if you are lying down. (pause)
As I'm speaking, you slowly begin to rise. (pause) Think how nice it would be to release yourself from the physical plain. Slowly you begin to rise higher and higher. Continue to float upwards now until you pass out of the room. (pause) Still higher, you rise out of the building. (pause)
Now look around; you notice other buildings; cars; trees; you are in complete control at all times. (pause) As you continue floating along now, mentally look around and notice anything your intelligence is attracted to. You can guide yourself anywhere you want to go simply by thinking about it. Take your time; observe and note any details you are drawn to. (long pause)
Now very slowly start to come back to the physical plane. Notice the building; come slowly back into the room. Notice your body; allow yourself to float slowly back into your physical body.(long pause)
As you enter your body, you begin to feel the weight and density of your physical body. You notice how relaxed your body is. Feel how it is to be back inside your physical body(long pause)
Whenever you wish to enter these deeper, healthier levels of mind, all you have to do is practise the 7 to 1 technique, or another counting method. Each time you do this, you will automatically go deeper; you'll always have total consciousness and be in complete control of your awareness. (pause)
Each time you will gain greater control of the deeper, more aware levels of mind. To bring yourself out of the deeper levels of mind, all you have to do is count back up from 1 to 7, as you visualise the colours. At the count of 7 your eyes will open; you will be wide awake, in perfect health and more aware than before. The best times to do this are last thing at night before you go to sleep then again first thing in the morning before you wake up. Spend at least 20 minutes in the alpha state.
Now bring your awareness back to your physical body as you are now, in this room . Notice your body; notice how relaxed your body has become. (pause) In a short while I am going to count from 1 - 7, I on the count of 7 your eyes will open; you will be wide awake; refreshed and alert.
As I count up, you can visualise the 7 colours of the spectrum in reverse, starting with violet up through to red. (long pause) At the count of 7 your eyes will open; you will be wide awake, refreshed and alert. 1, violet; 2, indigo; 3, blue; 4, green. At the count of 7 your eyes will open. 5, yellow; 6; orange. 7 eyes open; wide awake, refreshed and alert.
Don't forget to write down any thoughts, insights or images you recall from your journey. Each time you do this your recall will improve, and you will increasingly understand the meanings of these.

© Gayna

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