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Had a premonition that (name deleted by admin) was killed in a car crash. Six other people travelling in the vehicle also perished. Of the six people, one was his wife and the other his child. This felt very real and I was saddened to hear that a boxing legend was taken in this way.

Posted 16 October 2005

I'm getting premontions of a jumbo jet crashing into The Louvre. Anyone else out there seen it, or getting fragments of attacks in Paris?

Posted 18 November 2004 Joann, Wisconsin, USA

I've been getting impressions of some kind of explosion in France - I think Paris - possibly a terrorist attack involving a plane? I'm specifically seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Posted 17 November 2004 Psyhic1

I dreamt I was on the street in a city and I remember thinking this is London and people were running and I could see a cloud not smoke coming towards us. I remember thinking what a brown colour it was. Then an odour and people started to fall to the floor then it affected me and I remember everything going black. Through the dream someone was speaking 'this is happening in all the major cities'

Posted 15 January 2004

I dreamed that there will be a great explosion in Trafalgar square, not any typical bomb, but a huge explosion, like an Hydrogen bomb, this happening in 8 months from now.

Posted 26 August 2003

This morning I had a premonition about a train crash. This is going to happen in a station - Kings Cross, London. It was a Virgin train and it had a serious malfunction and couldn't stop.

Posted 5 April 2003

I predict that the Moors Murderer Ian Brady will die during the next few days. (Ian Brady and his partner Myra Hindley murdered a number of children during the 1960s and buried their bodies on Saddleworth Moor in England.) - John Atkinson

Posted 3 April 2003

About 3 weeks ago I dreamt that a plane that was fully white blew up in a fireball and I was inside then I woke up.

Posted 26 March 2003

I feel the sending of a system change to government may leak the contents of sensitive info to the public which will be enough to spark massive race riots on the streets of the city and one policeman, named Bertman, or Bert, will be killed.

Posted 12 January 2003

A very large earthquake. People and buildings falling. Fear, rumbling noise, severe shaking. Cars left balancing over drops.. blood.. chaos and confusion. All followed by terible loss and sadness I feel in the next 2 weeks give or take a couple of days. I also had a premonition 2 weeks to the day of the Italian earth quake. I keep getting in my head 'the big one'.

Posted 8 November 2002

I woke up at 2:58 A.M. and tried to get back to sleep but couldn't. I dreamed I saw Fox News reporting that California Govenor Gray Davis was killed in a plane crash, possibly this morning. First came the breaking news flash,then pictures of the smoldering, semi-collapsed roof of a small business followed by the announcer saying "California Govenor Gray Davis was killed instantly when the plane he was flying in slammed into the Pacific shortly after eight this morning. The pilot and two other passengers were also killed shortly after the light plane took off from San Diego. The cause of the crash is not known at this time." Although it wasn't stated in the 'news broadcast', Al-Queda claims responsibility, but conclusive evidence is not available. Also implied in my premonition is that the plane, or part of it, hit the small business. I don't believe the crash was a mid-air collision.

Posted 11 July 2002

Over a city a saw a large plane making a landing approach (could be London?). All of a sudden it attempted to climb to avoid colliding with another large aircraft, however they hit each other and crashed upon the city below. I dreamt this extremely vived dream 15 June 2002 (it is now 17 June 2002 21:53BST).

Posted 18 June 2002

About two weeks ago, I dreamed that there was huge blast of wind/energy coming in from Lake Michigan across Chicago as I was showing some tourists to a hotel on the lakefront. I kinda saw it coming and said 'run' it was a huge blast. Was not a particularly dramatic dream, compared to some I have had, but I checked on Internet and there is a nuclear station directly west of the lakefront on the other shore, and this concerned me a bit as I live downtown. After 9-11, and both the dream i had prior to it and the 'visit' from my dead father, (scared the s--- out of me) I am being a bit touchy about my 'future' dreams. Refused to show a tourist around just this week!! (funny but not really...)

Posted 26 May 2002

I was in a flat, it was daylight. All the TV channels were showing the same picture, a strange banner that spelt ECD or ECB in large letters. This seemed to stand for Emergency Communications Broadcast (or Directive?). Something very important had happened. I do not know what. Everyone was told to stay home, and NOT go out. I recall wondering if I had enough food in the flat. I looked outside, and there wasn't a soul in the street, which I knew to be very unusual. Please note, it was not my own abode - I was experiencing someone else's "reality". I was in someone else's body. It sounds ridiculous, but that is what I "saw" and experienced. Whatever had happened, it was terrifying enough to paralyse an entire nation, and keep the entire populace holed up in their houses. One more tiny detail, one or two TV stations (Cable TV?) disregarded the ECD / ECB and were showing an obscure black and white TV program. My impression was that particular TV station was running on automated systems that got turned on in the morning and then left to run unattended. It was probably in the US or UK.

Posted 3 May 2002

An Airline Crash. This dream was told to me by my friend. The dreamer was in the middle of a dream and was suddenly interrupted with another quick dream as follows.The dreamer saw a plane crash, it was a big 747. The dreamer heard an explosion in the air. After the explosion the front of the pane veered to the left as it went down. The wing on the left was not a full wing after the explosion. The plane went down in a built up area and hit houses. Then somebody screamed "My God it's Quantas"

Posted 2 May 2002

I had a dream that archelogists would soon announce that they had discovered a "trap" area in an egyptian tomb that contained the bones of lions and unfortunate tomb robbers that ventured in there in ancient times

Posted 30 April 2002

I was driving down highway 63 south of Des Moines Iowa. Stormy weather. I saw a large commercial jet come through the clouds. It had a high pitched engine sound like it was trying to increase power. I could see it crash. I pulled over with other card and ran into the field to see if I could help anyone. Myself and another person escorted a soot covered person out of the wrekage. I remember thinking he was the only survivor. Then I was in a community center in a small town near by helping with the crash/recovery operations.

Posted 23 April 2002 Stuart Van Weelden Pella, Iowa 50219

Saturday April 27/2002 I woke up @ 6:30am after having what I believe to be my third premonition. One had to do with Sept.11th and the other with that plane that exploded in midair. My first premonition used the U.S. Space Shuttle to depict that it had to do with the U.S. My dream on Saturday again used the space shuttle. I believe that a plane will crash into a cement bridge in the U.S. near a residential neighborhood. In my dream I was inside an apartment or house of some sort. I was looking out a window to my right and I could see the space shuttle off in the distance taking off. There was something about planes being diverted and then I heard a crash outside. I ran to the front door and there were planes attempting to fly under a cement bridge which was fairly close to the residence I was in. Underneath the bridge there was cement sloping on both sides and cement running underneath in a dry flat surface with sand on it. Afterwards I saw a set of footprints in the sand that ran underneath the bridge and then there was a person covering up the footprints. When I got the first two dreams I woke up with a feeling that this was going to happen. I've had two other premonitions and they both had to do with terrorist acts. The plane that blew up in midair I believe was a coverup because of a second explosion I saw in my dream. It was a cylindrical object like a pipe or missile of some sort. I believe there was a coverup there and maybe the footprints being covered up in this one is again showing me that a plane crash caused by terrorists will be covered up by the government obviously to save the economy. My first dream was roughly a week maybe a little more before it happened. The next one was a month before it happened. This time, who knows.

Posted 29 April 2002

I had a dream that archelogists would soon announce that they had discovered a "trap" area in an egyptian tomb that contained the bones of lions and unfortunate tomb robbers that ventured in there in ancient times

Posted 30 April 2002

I had a vision of burnt trees around the remains of a house outside of the city of London, as I looked around there was smoke and dust in all directions for miles. Not a sound, not a person, but bright lights in the sky in the distance. It was early morning, I believe late fall. I awoke and could still remember the foul smells, I could not go back to sleep for fear of returning to this place. Very vivid, very depressing, a lack of color. I am not a nut case or would ever see myself involved in these things. I normally have a very positive outlook on life. This was very strange and I hope not to repeat it anytime soon. I don't want to hear from anyone, just thought for the record to place this here.

Posted 29 April 2002

In my dream I saw a Chinook helicopter in flames and lots of smoke, the place where it happened was derelict, a complete mess, there were explosions all around, smoke everywhere, flames and chaos.

Posted 4 April 2002

Milly Dowler is a 13-year-old girl living in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, Great Britain. She disappeared eight days ago. When reading details of the story in a newspaper, I suddenly had the idea that her body is now near a windmill.

Posted 29 March 2002

In my dream I dreamt of a fire inside long tunnel that went through a mountain. There were cars and trucks all jammed together. I saw people running through thick black smoke. I don't know exactly where this was, except that it was in Europe. If I had to guess I'd say in was in Switzerland, but maybe that's only because I associate long tunnels and mountains with Switzerland.

Posted 1 December 2001 Celia B.

In the last week I've been having a very vivid premonition of a plane - looks like a commercial, passenger aircraft - crashing into a skyscraper and exploding into flames. I think it's in the US - possibly Chigago?
I also foresee two deaths taking place in the Royal family, one soon after the other.
Finally, I have an impression of an assassination attempt on the Palestininan leader Yasser Arafat. I'm not sure about this, but I think an explosion is involved.

Posted 5 September 2001 by Zak Martin

Dreamt of a funeral pyre- INDIA. sacred white cows being burnt. Man in front sitting cross-legged. Shot himself through head.people put his body on pyre. Others took his place. Mass suicide at the site.
Violet V.

Posted 15 April 2001

Approx 7pm this evening 25/2/01, I had a premonition about a large plane, possibly Boeing 747 crashing either in midair or on a runway. Approx 142 Casualties. Believe Captain's name is Stewart. Problem is I don't know when or where this will take place, all I saw was a big ball of fire.

Posted 26 Feb 2001 by Beverly Johnson

I had a dream on October 13, 1998 in which Tom Brokaw announced on the evening news that Libyan leader Muammar Qadaffi died in Geneva, Switzerland.

Posted 12 December 2000 by

I've had a premonition of an attack on the British Prime Minister, Ton Blair. In my "vision" I saw a man walk up to and shoot Tony Blair... there were dozens of people standing nearby.

Posted 10 December 2000 by Name withheld

Terrorists will detonate a bomb timed to disrupt the appearance of Her Majesty the Queen Mother when the British Royal Family appears at Clarence House on her real birthday of 4th August 2000. John Atkinson.

Posted 30 July 2000 by

In a dream I saw three nukes going off, while in a theatre with my class and my teacher. The theatre was in a foreign city. Friends of mine dreamed the same, but they saw a golden cuppola (Jerusalem?).
I say in Sept. 2000 Israel is going to get it...

Posted 27 July 2000 by

I predict 7 deaths during the Isle of Man TT Races; this includes both riders killed during competitions and practices and visitors who die in accidents, often during 'Mad Sunday'. Result will appear here.

Submitted 27 May 2000 by

I had a dream about a disaster either in USA, Central or South America, all I remember is America I saw tall sky scraper buildings but unfortunately I don't know what it will be, I was listening to a news report telling eveyrone to stay away I remember seeing a helicopter and flying near to the area.

Submitted 1 May 2000 by

I predict that stock in the Canadian quoted company United America Enterprises Ltd. will double in value from the current quote of C$2.70 - C$2.80. More here.

Posted 7 February 2000 by

I expect shares in Reflec plc to more than double from their present price of 18.75p/19.5p.

Posted 9 December 1999 by John Atkinson

I have a prediction today of a bomb in Dublin, some kind of strike in Ireland, port closed.

Posted 8 Oct 1999 by Madeline Ziel

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