Light Circles Lisa Stewart, of Hove, Sussex, is the latest witness to a strange phenomenon that has now been reported all over the world: unexplained circles of light, with - appropriately enough - an "X" in the centre.
The strange lights have been appearing all around Lisa's home. She first observed them several years ago and took some photographs, but thought little more about them. Then, just a couple of months ago, the lights began to appear again.
"In the last few months, I've been seeing a lot of these circles in my garden, around my house and around Brighton and Hove," she said.
At first, Lisa (36), like other witnesses to this phenomenon, assumed that the lights were reflections. However, she could not identify any light source that could be causing them. And in a spooky twist, it now appears that the lights can only be seen by some people and not by others!
Light circles, which typically appear on the sides of buildings, were first reported in 1997, in Vermont, USA. They have also been reported in Canada, Germany, Norway and France.
While the concensus among scientists is that the circles are reflections caused by bright sunlight, so far no-one has been able to explain exactly how they occur - or why they have only been reported in the last five years. To add to the mystery, circles have been reported and photographed in the absence of sunlight. For example, they have appeared on bedroom walls after the occupant had read an article about them; they have appeared on the pavement in apparent response to people wishing to see one; and they have even been seen on cars and clothing, in one case remaining on a man's shirt after he had gone indoors.

Photo above shows light circles on a building in Greenwich Village, New York, USA