UK PSYCHICS REPORT - 5 October 2003


Fireball over Wales NASA scientists are examining a photograph of a mysterious fireball snapped by a Welsh schoolboy.
Jonathan Burnett, 15, was taking photographs of his friends skateboarding when one of the boys pointed to a fiery object streaking across the sky. Jonathan unhesitatingly aimed his digital camer at the object and captured the shot which is now being described by NASA scientists as "one of the most spectacular images ever recorded" of an aerial phenomenon.
Jonathan, from Pencoed, Bridgend, sent the photo to NASA in the hope that they would be able to identify the object. The agency replied, saying the photo was one of the "more spectacular sky images ever recorded" and that they planned to published it on the Nasa website. However, they were unable to say what the object was.
The most likely explanation, according to NASA, is that the object may have been a bolide fireball, a phenomenon created when the friction on a meteor entering the earth's atmosphere causes it to glow red and, in some cases, explode in flames.
Traditionally, the appearance of a fireballs was regarded as an omen of impending disaster.