UK PSYCHICS REPORT - 12 March 2004


Kevin & Holly Wells Kevin Wells, the father of murdered schoolgirl Holly Wells, has disclosed that he had psychic impressions of his daughter lying dead or unconscious in an empty bath before it was even suggested she had been killed in Ian Huntley's bathroom.
In an ITV1 90-minute documentary, "Our Daughter Holly", shown on 11 March, Kevin revealed details of the recurring vision he experienced five months after the girls were killed. At the time there was no suspicion that Holly Wells or her friend Jessica Chapman had been murdered my Huntley. The mental images of his daughter lying in a bath were so vivid that he felt compelled to discuss them with the police.
Kevin says: "It was quite bizarre. It was an image that came to me on such a regular basis I factually recorded it with the police. I saw Holly in a bath, but the thing to mention is there was no water in the bath."
During the Soham murder trial, school caretaker Ian Huntley told the court Holly had drowned in the bath when he accidentally killed Jessica by covering her mouth to stop her from screaming. However, the Old Bailey jury convicted Huntley of the 2001 murders in Soham, Cambridgeshire, and the former school caretaker was jailed for life.