UK PSYCHICS REPORT - 4 October2005


Jennifer Love-Hewitt takes a shower! Jennifer Love-Hewitt claims she has been spied on in the shower - by a ghost!
The stunning actress (left) has revealed she was pestered by the paranormal peeping tom after meeting with an exorcist to research her role in new movie Ghost Whisperers, in which she plays a woman who can communicate with dead people.
She prepared herself for the role by immersing herself in the paranormal.
Shortly after she began meeting with the exorcist, Jennifer claims she began noticing "strange things" going on in her home, including lights going on and off and the sound of mysterious footsteps in the night.
The Heartbreakers star was then left terrified while she was having a shower and turned to see a ghostly male figure staring at her naked body.
She said: "The ghost - he was in his 30s - had a crush on me and liked to see me in the shower."
And if you're wondering how we were able to get a photo of Jennifer taking a shower....


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