UK PSYCHICS REPORT - 3 December 2001


'Ginger, driven by its inventor' After more than a year of speculation about his mysterious invention, Dean Kamen unveiled the device on ABC's Good Morning America yesterday - "IT", also called "Ginger", turned out to be a one-person, battery-powered scooter which Kamen claims will revolutionize transportation and will displace awkward, polluting cars, leading to a realigned, more people-friendly cityscape.
Kamen and the morning show's hosts took the scooter for a spin in a New York City park, demonstrating various maneuvers and cruising up and down ramps as crowds watched. "It just does it very smoothly, very gracefully. What used to take you a half an hour will take you 7, 8, 9 minutes," Kamen said.
The two-wheeled vehicle, which looks like a cross between an old rotary lawn mower and a Razor scooter, travels at a top speed of about 17 mph.