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Psychometry is the ability to pick up psychic impressions about a person by touching or holding an object - usually an article of clothing or jewellery - that once belonged to him or her. However, it is also possible to obtain impressions about a person from a photograph, a hand print, a sample of their handwriting or any other item that is uniquely associated with them. It is not necessary for the item to have been in physical contact with a person for it to be used as a psychic link.

"Graphometry" is a term coined by Zak Martin to describe the technique of picking up psychic impressions about a person from a specimen of their handwriting. This differs from graphology in that there is no conscious analysis involved. The handwriting sample is used as a psychic link, and no knowledge of graphology is required.

In the following test you are presented with a series of handwriting samples to "graphometrize". Don't attempt to analyze these samples. Simply look at them for half a minute, and then look through them, as if you were looking into the distance. Don't make any effort at all to get a mental picture of the owner of the handwriting, or any other information about them. Just "defocus" for twenty seconds or so and then immediately register your intuitive responses to the options given, without giving them too much thought. Don't agonize over your choices. Allow your hand - or your cursor - to go where it wants to go. And when you describe the person, just write the first thoughts that come into your head, even if they don't seem to make sense. Above all, don't worry about being wrong.

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