UK PSYCHICS REPORT - 8 August 2002


Images of a ghost? Oklahoma City, USA - It's not all that unusual for people to report sightings of ghosts. In most cases such accounts are dismissed as hoaxes or put down to intoxication or overactive imagination on the part of witnesses.
However, when employees at Puckett's wrecker service in Oklahoma claimed they'd been visited by a phantom, they had a very unusual piece of evidence to support their assertion: video footage of the ghost, captured by the firm's CCTV security camera!
When a security man was sent out to investigate the ghostly image on the CCTV screen he could see nothing. The ghost - or whatever it was - had disappeared.
One popular theory is that the ghost is that of a woman involved in an horrific car crash in which she lost her life several weeks ago. The wreckage of her truck was moved to Puckett's yard just hours before the image was caught on tape.


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