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How to Develop Your ESP - A program to help you realize your full psychic potential - by Zak Martin

Develop Your ESPPercepcao Extra-SensorialPercepcion Extra SensorialZak Martin's top-selling guide to psychic growth, How to Develop Your ESP (Harper-Collins) is now available in Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew, and will shortly also be available in German, French and Japanese. The new and expanded English language edition (not yet available in book shops) is available here now as an e-book.

"Many books can teach you to develop latent psychic powers, but this is one of the best I have read. Lucid explanations, sensible suggestions and clear instructions make it a must for any beginner. Recommended." (Prediction magazine)

"How useful any book is in successfully and safely developing the psychic faculty is open to question, but there is undoubtedly a need for clear and soundly based information about what the psychic faculty is, and is not, and how it relates to the normal human condition. How to Develop Your ESP provides an exceptionally good explanatory introduction to the subject, followed by some exercises which will test the intention of the reader. Recommended." (Light)

"A classic of its kind." (Hot Press)

"If you’ve ever thought you were ‘psychic’," says the cover blurb, "Zak Martin’s programme will quickly help you develop your natural gifts to the full. "If you think you have no psychic ability, read this book and think again!" What qualifications does the author have to offer his pupils? The publishers are content to term him "one of Britain’s leading clairvoyants". A healer, Zak is a psychic whose mind-over-matter astounded national reporters. He has also helped police forces, including Scotland Yard, with unsolved cases. An astonishing range of matter is packed into this handy volume. There are chapters on dreams and their symbolism, the methods of pendulum dowsing and crystal gazing… This book should prove a well worth while addition to every psychic library." (Psychic News)

"One of the best books of its kind. Recommended" (Women’s World)

"The title of this book says it all. Unsensationally, in an almost matter-of-fact manner, Zak Martin instructs the reader in how to become a psychic ‘achiever’. Each chapter gives easy to follow instructions on how to develop in such areas as telepathy, divination, precognition, clairvoyance and a whole range of ancillary occult disciplines. Without wasting a word, the author shows that development of a psychic potential is not the preserve of the favoured few, but is well within reach of any individual who is prepared to make the effort. So concise and knowledgeable is the information that even those who might feel that they have no psychic sense at all, and so may be extremely skeptical of the experiences of others, could, by carefully applying themselves to the contents of this book, soon surprise themselves." (Destiny)

"An excellent introduction to psychic development and mind training. Highly recommended." (American Woman)

"This is an excellent book from the Aquarian Press. It is a practical guide to exploring your own psi abilities. It covers the usual range of phenomena but is written in a lively and informative way offering the reader/researcher simple tests to demonstrate one’s own ESP abilities. If you are looking to get yourself started then this book will be very useful." (New Dimensions)

Develop Your ESP
Zak Martin's worldwide best-selling guide to psychic growth, How to Develop Your ESP (Harper-Collins) is now available in e-book format, price $10. Download it today!

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