Test 5: Zener Symbol

Here's another Zener symbol-guessing test, but this time you have to try to predict what the order of all five symbols will be after they have been electronically "shuffled".
This is a far more difficult test than the previous one, with odds of 120 to one against your being able to predict the new positions of all five symbols correctly. The chances of your getting four right are the same, since, if you get four right, the fifth also has to be correct. For three symbols, the odds are one in 12; while the odds of correctly predicting the positions of just two symbols are one in four.
In order to obtain statistically meaningful results you would need to carry out this test many hundreds of times . However, even if you're not interested in lengthy tests, you can still use this program to assess your precognitive abilities to your own personal satisfaction, and/or as part of a psychic development program.