Test 4: Zener Symbol

The following is a straightforward Zener symbol-guessing test for precognition of the type routinely carried out in ESP laboratories for many years. Tests of this kind have to a large extent been replaced by experiments of a more imaginative and flexible nature, such as those involving remote viewing. However, symbol-guessing tests yield results which are much easier to evaluate than tests into remote viewing, and for that reason parapsychologists have not abandoned them altogether.
Every ten seconds a randomly-selected Zener symbol (Circle, Waves, Square, Star or Cross) will appear at the top of the next page. What you have to do, quite simply, is try to predict which symbol will appear next. Move your cursor slowly back and forth along the row of symbols and stop at the one you think will be next to appear (do NOT click on symbol). Note that the same symbol may repeat. Use the grid to record all your hits and misses.