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"Graphometry" - The Psychometry of Handwriting

Psychometry is the ability to pick up psychic impressions about a person by touching or holding an object - usually an article of clothing or jewellery - that once belonged to him or her. However, it is also possible to obtain impressions from a photograph, a hand print, a sample of a person's handwriting or any other item that is uniquely associated with him or her. "Graphometry" is a term coined by psychic Zak Martin to describe the technique of picking up psychic impressions about a person from a specimen of their handwriting. This differs from graphology in that there is no conscious analysis involved. The handwriting sample is used as a psychic link, and no knowledge of graphology is required or, indeed, desirable.
In the following test you are presented with a series of handwriting samples to "graphometrize". Do not attempt to analyze these samples; simply look at them for a few moments before registering your intuitive responses to them.