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Be found in Google search results
As the internet becomes increasingly dominated by large companies that can afford to spend huge amounts of money on improving their search engine ranking (premium positioning can now be bought on most search engines), it is becoming more difficult every day for small to medium-sized websites to get exposure in search results. Most listings are buried hundreds or even thousands of pages deep in search engines, and are rarely if ever seen by people carrying out searches. The reality is that unless your link appears on the first or second page of search results, it is unlikely ever to be seen. Over ninety per-cent of surfers do not search beyond the first page of results, and only .05% search as far as page 3. What chance does your site have of being found if it is buried away on page 206? - or even on page 6? has developed a strong internet presence since it was launched in 1999, and is consistently listed at or near the top of search results on Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other major search engines, and every page is indexed by Google and appears in search results for relevant search terms.

So you have a great website - but nobody visits it?
For some strange reason, many people assume that, once they have created and launched a website, other people will flock to it in large numbers. In reality, no-one is even going to know or care that your site exists unless you promote it effectively. Creating a website and expecting hordes of people to visit it is a bit like having your telephone number listed in the telephone directory and expecting thousands of people to call you every day. Why should they? The only way to get a steady stream of quality traffic to your website - that is, people who are searching for the kinds of services or goods that you are offering - is to be seen, and to be seen in the right places.

What's the point of having a great website if nobody knows it exists?

How is used by media researchers
As Britain's first and leading psychic portal, quickly became established as a useful and reliable resource of information, ideas, contacts and assistance for journalists researching articles and programmes dealing with psychic topics. The site has been featured in thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, and in numerous TV and radio programmes since it went online in 1999, and we now receive and respond to requests for information and assistance with articles, books, TV and radio programmes on a daily basis. To date we have assisted scores of production companies and TV stations in the making of programmes dealing with psychic abilities, mediumship, astrology, healing, paranormal phenomena etc., including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky TV and others, as well as television companies in Europe, the US, Japan and other countries around the world. We have also provided information and help with articles for newspapers including the Sun, the Mirror, the Express, the Guardian, the Mail, the News of the World, the London Standard, and for magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Eve, Time Out, New Woman and many others, including foreign publications.

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